Style Academy
Fashion & Beauty Concept As a fashion company, Sophie Paris continued to develop its products. To pamper our members Sophie Paris now has a new concept and extraordinary that is Fashion & Beauty. Fashion & Beauty Fashion & Beauty in Sophie Paris aims to be :
1. Provide skills on Fashion & Beauty of unified frontier clothing to skin care, makeup & body care also mix and match fashion.
2. Help members to know more about the advantages and benefits of Sophie Paris products, of ways to wear it to market it.

3. Members can perform the duplication of the training, so as to promote Sophie Paris.

4. Can increase turnover of Members or BC Sophie Paris.
Join Fashion & Beauty training to improve the skills of Make Up, Hair Do / Jilbab Do and your fashion.
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Fashion & Beauty Training Fashion & Beauty training has several training modules that can be followed by all members who can be adapted to their needs.
Fashion & Beauty Class
Sophie Paris organized a Fashion & Beauty Class for free, so that both Members and non-Members can participate in the event. Here the trainer will completely give an overview about Sophie Paris’s beauty products.
What is included in Fashion & Beauty Class?
• Knowledge of cosmetic products.
• Step-by-step Makeup
• Practicing makeup for yourself
• Beauty and fashion tips
Certified Fashion & Beauty Training
• Certified Fashion & Beauty Training 1 discusses about Skin Care and tips on selecting accessories.
• Certified Fashion & Beauty Training 2 discusses Make Up & fashion that suit to body shape.
• Certified Fashion & Beauty Training 3 discusses about Body Care and tips on selecting underwear.
Excellent Fashion & Beauty Promotor
This training is for Beauty Promoter of any BC Sophie Paris and Leader. In addition to give an overview about the world of beauty, participants can understand and can practice directly about Make Up. Participants are also taught how to do presentation to Members or general public about the world of beauty and fashion. With this training, participants are expected to be a powerful Beauty Promoter. In addition to the opportunity to increase the capabilities in the field of make-up, participants were also taught on how to dress according to body shape. In each training, of course, has always shown a variety of interesting activities. There is also a demo or tutorial for stylish hijab.
Find a Fashion & Beauty training near you.
Ask the Expert Fashion and trends are for all women, regardless of body shapes and sizes. Find out what kind of shape you have here Bodyshape_AsktheExpert