Our Vision
Sophie Delivers Happiness
Sophie Delivers Happiness We believe in happiness the Sophie’s way. The Sophie family starts with our employees who have a great passion and love for their work. Sophie provides customers with the highest value products and outstanding customer experience. Our members receive unique opportunities to improve their life and receive financial rewards.Our suppliers to get long term sustainable growth with us. Sophie c’est ma vie !
5 Core Values 5 Core Values At Sophie Paris we live by our five core values:
Sophie Family Spirit with Passion & Fun
Sophie Family Spirit with Passion & Fun There’s no place like Sophie. Come as you are and give contribution to create togetherness. We are one big Sophie’s family; we love what we do and do what we love.
Extreme Customer Centric
Extreme Customer Centric We give WOW experience to our customers, with the best product, service and added value, more than our customers expectation.
F.A.S.T (Focus/Accurate/Simple and Timely) Focus : Work with target and clear instruction based on 5 top priorities.
Accurate : Work smart with priority scale and measurable targets.
Simple : Simple bureaucracy supported by a clear and fair system.
Timely : Work based on schedule.
Team work is the rule
Team work is the rule Together we achieve the same goal based on mutual respect and trust.
Be open minded and eager to learn
Be open minded and eager to learn We embrace changes. We keep improving ourselves through continuous learning as our response to changes. We also strengthen our internal team to adapt to those changes. This is a full circle & continuous effort.


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Rumah Belajar HelenaSophie Paris believes that one of the greatest sources of happiness is watching the children whose lives were always cheerful-happy, healthy, secure, and gaining the attention and education they deserve. As part of Sophie Paris attempts to achieve this goal, formed the Helena Foundation (Foundation Helena). Helena Foundation focuses on education initiatives as well as teaching skills to children and adolescents, especially for families who come from economically disadvantaged. Vision The realization of the life of Indonesian children are carefree happy, healthy, protected, and education deserves attention, so that they can grow to be independent and beneficial to others.
Mission Undertaking education and teaching skills to children and adolescents is feasible and sustainable Indonesian.
Helena Foundation