Mau produk Sophie Paris yang terkini dan banyak diskon? Yuk belanja di! Buruan ya sis, nanti kehabisan loh.

  • Riesa Martini, Sophie Paris Indonesia

    Achieved a Spot in the TOP 10 BC Through Sheer Willpower

    Initially, Riesa Martini worked as an analyst in a laboratory. She joined Sophie Paris purely because she needed to find an activity she could do without leaving her only child at home. Her shy nature made her insecure of her abilities and made running a business network a challenge for her. Challenges such as rejection and public humiliation were things she needed to overcome. Yet Riesa never gave up. She received constant support from her husband, Siswondo, whom eventually lent a hand with the business. Thanks to her unyielding nature in running the Sophie Paris business, Riesa now sits at the top of the Top 10 BC in all of Indonesia. The number of rewards that she has received is countless, and among others are pilgrimage to the Holy Land, an around-the-world tour, a car, a shop, and a luxurious home worth billions of rupiah.

  • Emmilia T, Sophie Paris Indonesia

    Sophie Paris Business Allows Us to Realize Our Dreams

    Emmilia started her Sophie Paris business just by being an assistant working at a Sophie Paris counter. Who would have thought that now Emillia holds a spot at the Top 10 BC. “The Sophie Paris business is simple: anyone can join and start their own business here, all you need is your will. Whenever there is a will, there is a way,” is what she would always say. Now, Emmilia is realizing her dreams one by one: traveling the world, going on a spiritual pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a car, a shop, a house, and an investment for her future and her children’s future. Emmillia also met a man named Charles and realized her dream of having a family. Charles was once a customer who came to the Sophie Paris store where Emmilia worked. Now, Charles is focusing his efforts on expanding his and his wife’s business, as it holds a promise for a better future.

  • BC Cornelyan, Medan

    Sophie Paris Yields Endless Income

    Cornelyan chose to run a business instead of working in an office even though he has a bachelor’s degree. When he was still in college, he would occasionally pass by a Sophie Paris counter that was always crowded, and at those moments he would often tell himself that one day, he too would like to own his business. He decided to find out how the Sophie Paris Business Network worked. His mind was set when he started to run his own Sophie Paris business and understood the strategy. His parents at that time frowned upon what he was doing, and would prefer that he worked in an office, earning a steady income. But Cornelyan was sure that Sophie Paris could give him all the opportunities and income he needed. With his hard work, Cornelyan proved to his parents that success was achievable with Sophie Paris. He paid for his parents’ pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca, bought a car, two stores, a fancy house, and managed to insure that he would lead a prosperous life for the years to come. His effervescent energy is contagious and helps duplicate his results for the members within his network.

  • Puan Hayati Binti Mohd Khalid, Sophie Paris Malaysia

    BC JOHOR BAHRU (BC14) - Gold President

    I decided to set up my first SOPHIE BC in JOHOR the day I signed up as a SOPHIE member. I am now pursuing my passion in helping people get involved in a healthy business venture with a great pay off. Network marketing can be a fantastic opportunity to truly make a difference in your life, most importantly financially.
    Challenges are always good to maximize your potential. That is why Sophie Solution is vital to educate members to understand the business nature considering many of them are reluctant to come forward and participate in any event or training. It’s always important to create an interesting Sophie Solution training and development programs to help give them a high success rate in SOPHIE PARIS.
    I believe that people can make a real difference. I apply this concept to my business, my team and my staff so they’re able to be the change people want to see. I encourage them to put their heart and mind to the business, and not forgetting a sincere excellent customer service to be the number 1 MLM in Malaysia.
    Thanks to all who have been really supportive to BC0014 and a special thanks to Pn. Mayezaan for introducing me to Sophie Paris.

  • Christina Lumpias, Sophie Paris Philippines

    I joined Sophie in July 2006 when a friend introduced the products. I fell in love with the products and its quality, which led me to become interested in opening my own Business Center in Baguio.
    My BC started to flourish after 2 years, thanks to the hard work and determination of my team. As I built my network with Sophie I realized that I am also building a big family. I formed close relationships with my members and we improved ourselves by learning from one another. I never realized how much we have come a long way until I qualified for my first incentive trip to Jakarta in 2009.
    Sophie changed how I think, the way I look and how to treat others. Earning and enjoying the growth in my financial status gives me more reason to stay grounded, to treat each and every member and customer with modesty, as I will not be where I am without them.
    As a Sophie Leader, one must really value humility and have a teachable heart. My adviser once told me, when you get there just keep your feet on the ground and he quoted a passage from the Bible; “When you humble yourself the Lord will lift you up. When you lift up yourself the Lord will humble you.