Sophie Paris Company By always putting the customer first, Sophie Paris has since its founding in Jakarta in 1997 grown to become Asia’s leading fashion direct selling company. What started as a home-based handbag manufacturing business by its French founder and entrepreneur Bruno Hasson is today a success story in countries beyond its headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company also operates in Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Morocco. With more than 800 staff and 500 Business Centers and 2 million members, Sophie Paris sells 50,000 fashion products a day on an attractive Direct Selling business model.

What sets us apart is a strong company culture with a family spirit with passion and fun. We offer life-changing opportunities to our staff and members. It is not a secret that Sophie Paris strives to be the most attractive work place in Indonesia.

The products behind this success are a unique range of French-designed and well-priced bags, wallets, watches, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and garments. Every 40 days, the company publishes a new fashion catalogue with more than 1000 new apparel designs and styles
Sophie Paris
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The History of Sophie Paris
Year 1995
Few people know that Sophie Paris once started out as a home industry, with merely three tailors working in an attic of a house producing beautiful handbags, which ended up attracting people’s attention. As sales grew fast, Mr. Bruno Hasson started torecruit more employees, rented a building, and implemented a system of Direct Selling, which gives incentives to sellers to sell Sophie Martin products. Sophie Martin was subsequently marketed through a Multi Level Marketing system, and recruited members and Business Centers as a partner of the Company, in order to market their products to many places all over Indonesia.

Behind every challenge lies an opportunity. The protracted monetary crisis of 1998 surprisingly gave an opportunity, people who were not in robust financial situations started to turn away from branded purses and bags, because of their steep prices, to Sophie Martin bags, which were more affordable. The 1998 crisis also caused a lot of people to be laid off, so people started trying to find ways to earn extra income. Sophie Martin became the solution for it with its straightforward MLM system.

Ever since, Sophie Paris has become the top MLM company in Indonesia, helping to improve the welfare of people, making everything better again for them, and realizing the dreams of millions.
History Sophie Paris
Year 2002
In 2002 Sophie Paris expanded its business overseas by opening representative offices in Manila. Today there are more than 100 Sophie Paris Business Centers throughout the Philippines.
Year 2008
Implementation of the Sophie Paris branding strategy, where Sophie Martin became part of a larger brand called Sophie Paris, which incorporated a few brands under it. Each brand represents a characteristic of their respective target market.

Launching of the Sophie Paris Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, “Sophie’s Love for Women and Children”, with a series of programs dedicated to creating a brighter future for Indonesian women and children.

Opening of the Sophie Paris building, consisting of 7 floors and 2 basement floors, which has since become the Head Office and Training Center. It is open every day for training classes in order to improve the knowledge and potential of its members.

Establishment of a business branch in Casablanca, Morocco.

Year 2009
Opening of Sophie Paris warehouse on 4 hectares of land, aimed at improving services and distribution routes across Indonesia.

Inauguration of the first flagship store in Plaza Semanggi and the “Sophie Goes to the Mall” program.
Year 2010
Sophie Paris continued to expand its wings across Asia. This time, it took place in Vietnam. In that year, Sophie Paris won first place for Women’s Most Favorite Purse Brand. This prestigious achievement also helped Sophie Paris win a number of other awards, such as the Top Brand Award, Women’s Brand Award, and Youth Brand Award.
Year 2011
Sophie Paris formed the Helena Foundation and learning center, whose social mission aims to provide basic education and life skills to orphaned youth so that they can have a productive and meaningful life, instead of living on the streets. That year, Sophie Paris took home again the Top Brand Award, Women’s Brand Award, and Youth Brand Award.
Year 2012
Sophie Paris opened a branch office in Malaysia and became the number one fashion MLM business in Malaysia, along with winning the Top Brand Award, Women’s Brand Award and Youth Brand Award for the third time. Sophie Paris also won the Most Recommended Brand Award, Marketing Award, Digital Marketing Award, and The Most Original Brand Award.
Year 2013
Sophie Paris launched its new vision of “Sophie Delivers Happiness”, which has been expanded into its 5 Core Values, created to support this new vision.
Since 2010, SOPHIE PARIS best products have been awarded with various kind of awards from many reputable institutions.
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
MARKETEERS AWARDS (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Women Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Women Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
Marketing Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
TOP 250 Indonesia Original Brands Awards
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Word of Mouth Marketing Awards
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
Digital Marketing Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
Marketeers Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Word of Mouth Marketing Awards
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
Marketing Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
award 1
Digital Marketing Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
Marketing Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Top Brand Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Marketeers Awards
Digital Marketing Awards (Marketing Magazine)
Category: Women Handbag Winner Brand: Sophie Martin
Meet The Team 
Bruno Hasson
Bruno Hasson Founder Bruno Hasson President Director Bruno Hasson is the founder of Sophie Paris back in the mid-1990s. This tracking and diving lover, graduated from Institute Superieur Des Techniques D’Outre Mer, and he is now leading PT Sophie Paris Indonesian, fashion multi-level marketing (MLM) business in Indonesia. "Don’t do to other, what you don’t want they do to you." said the author of How to Be Successful in Asia. Under his leadership, Sophie Paris is now developing not only in Indonesia, but also evolves to Morocco, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.
Top BCs Not only becoming a market leader in Indonesia, Sophie Paris has spread and earned its place in the heart of millions, while expanding its business abroad. Every award and achievement recorded by Sophie Paris is attributable to the hard work of the Business Centers, our partners and an extension of our Company in every corner of Indonesia. Love and loyalty in running a Sophie Paris business has helped these Business Centers carve their own prestige, and realize their dreams.
Find Us
Sophie Paris Indonesia Jl. Adyaksa Raya No. 33 RT/RW 007/007, Lebak Bulus Jakarta Selatan 12440 - Indonesia (+6221) 759 3667 (+6221) 759 13 887 (Fax)
Our Vision 
Sophie Delivers Happiness
Sophie Delivers Happiness
We believe in happiness the Sophie’s way. Sophie family starts with our employee who can express into their work and have passion at it. Sophie positively surprises customers with great value products, wide choice and outstanding customer experience. Our members get a real life changing opportunity to make their life better and improve their financial income. We help our suppliers to get long term sustainable growth with us. Sophie c'est ma vie!
5 Core Values 5 Core Values At Sophie Paris we live by our five core values:
Sophie Family Spirit with Passion & Fun There’s no place like Sophie. Come as you are and give contribution to create togetherness. We are one big Sophie’s family; we love what we do and do what we love.
Extreme Customer Centric We give WOW experience to our customers, with the best product, service and added value, more than our customers expectation.
F.A.S.T (Focus/Accurate/Simple and time) Focus: Work with target and clear instruction based on 5 top priorities.
Accurate: Work smart with priority scale and measurable targets.
Simple: Simple bureaucracy supported by a clear and fair system.
Timely: Work based on schedule.
Team work is the rule Together we achieve the same goal based on mutual respect and trust.
Be open minded and eager to learn We embrace changes. We keep improving ourselves through continuous learning as our response to changes. We also strengthen our internal team to adapt to those changes. This is a full circle & continuous effort.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Helena Foundation is an independent non-profit social foundation that focuses on educational issues for children aged 5 to 18 years old. Helena Foundation believes that all children deserve an equal opportunity for education and health.
Helena Foundation was established in 2011 by Mr. Bruno Hasson and selected board members. All with a high level of experience in the field of social issues.
Vision Provide education (formal & informal) to all children from under privilege families
Mission To ensure all children supported by Helena Foundation live productive and meaningful lives.
Success Stories
BC Riesa Martini & Siswondo, Surabaya Achieved a Spot in the TOP 10 BC Through Sheer Willpower Initially, Riesa Martini worked as an analyst in a laboratory. She joined Sophie Paris purely because she needed to find an activity she could do without leaving her only child at home. Her shy nature made her insecure of her abilities and made running a business network a challenge for her. Challenges such as rejection and public humiliation were things she needed to overcome. Yet Riesa never gave up. She received constant support from her husband, Siswondo, whom eventually lent a hand with the business. Thanks to her unyielding nature in running the Sophie Paris business, Riesa now sits at the top of the Top 10 BC in all of Indonesia. The number of rewards that she has received is countless, and among others are pilgrimage to the Holy Land, an around-the-world tour, a car, a shop, and a luxurious home worth billions of rupiah.
BC Emmilia & Charles, Bekasi Sophie Paris Business Allows Us to Realize Our Dreams Emmilia started her Sophie Paris business just by being an assistant working at a Sophie Paris counter. Who would have thought that now Emillia holds a spot at the Top 10 BC. “The Sophie Paris business is simple: anyone can join and start their own business here, all you need is your will. Whenever there is a will, there is a way,” is what she would always say. Now, Emmilia is realizing her dreams one by one: traveling the world, going on a spiritual pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a car, a shop, a house, and an investment for her future and her children’s future. Emmillia also met a man named Charles and realized her dream of having a family. Charles was once a customer who came to the Sophie Paris store where Emmilia worked. Now, Charles is focusing his efforts on expanding his and his wife’s business, as it holds a promise for a better future.
BC Cornelyan, Medan Sophie Paris Yields Endless Income Cornelyan chose to run a business instead of working in an office even though he has a bachelor’s degree. When he was still in college, he would occasionally pass by a Sophie Paris counter that was always crowded, and at those moments he would often tell himself that one day, he too would like to own his business. He decided to find out how the Sophie Paris Business Network worked. His mind was set when he started to run his own Sophie Paris business and understood the strategy. His parents at that time frowned upon what he was doing, and would prefer that he worked in an office, earning a steady income. But Cornelyan was sure that Sophie Paris could give him all the opportunities and income he needed. With his hard work, Cornelyan proved to his parents that success was achievable with Sophie Paris. He paid for his parents’ pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca, bought a car, two stores, a fancy house, and managed to insure that he would lead a prosperous life for the years to come. His effervescent energy is contagious and helps duplicate his results for the members within his network.
Puan Hayati Binti Mohd Khalid @ Kak Sue BC JOHOR BAHRU (BC14) - Gold President I decided to set up my first SOPHIE BC in JOHOR the day I signed up as a SOPHIE member. I am now pursuing my passion in helping people get involved in a healthy business venture with a great pay off. Network marketing can be a fantastic opportunity to truly make a difference in your life, most importantly financially.

Challenges are always good to maximize your potential. That is why Sophie Solution is vital to educate members to understand the business nature considering many of them are reluctant to come forward and participate in any event or training. It’s always important to create an interesting Sophie Solution training and development programs to help give them a high success rate in SOPHIE PARIS.

I believe that people can make a real difference. I apply this concept to my business, my team and my staff so they’re able to be the change people want to see. I encourage them to put their heart and mind to the business, and not forgetting a sincere excellent customer service to be the number 1 MLM in Malaysia.

Thanks to all who have been really supportive to BC0014 and a special thanks to Pn. Mayezaan for introducing me to Sophie Paris.
Christina Lumpias / Baguio City Business Center I joined Sophie in July 2006 when a friend introduced the products. I fell in love with the products and its quality, which led me to become interested in opening my own Business Center in Baguio.

My BC started to flourish after 2 years, thanks to the hard work and determination of my team. As I built my network with Sophie I realized that I am also building a big family. I formed close relationships with my members and we improved ourselves by learning from one another. I never realized how much we have come a long way until I qualified for my first incentive trip to Jakarta in 2009.

Sophie changed how I think, the way I look and how to treat others. Earning and enjoying the growth in my financial status gives me more reason to stay grounded, to treat each and every member and customer with modesty, as I will not be where I am without them.

As a Sophie Leader, one must really value humility and have a teachable heart. My adviser once told me, when you get there just keep your feet on the ground and he quoted a passage from the Bible; “When you humble yourself the Lord will lift you up. When you lift up yourself the Lord will humble you
Sophie Paris International The Sophie Paris chronicle is a story of hard work, exceptional skills and supreme talent. Like all successful businesses, it is fueled with guts that root from strong motivation.

Creating a culture of entrepreneurship, integrity, recognition and success, Sophie Paris has commenced with its mission to offer its opportunities globally. Being present in Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, the highly proven Compensation plan of Sophie Paris has produced so many successful stories that have yet to be duplicated.

With constant research on the latest fashion trends in Europe, the company offers some of the best and most well-loved product designs in the world of fashion. The company has unceasingly become the preference of almost all cross-cultural markets from various income brackets
Contact Us: Jl. Adyaksa Raya No. 33
Lebak Bulus
Jakarta Selatan 12440
(+6221) 7591 5262 (+6221) 7591 3667 (Fax) www.sophieparis.com Meet The Team
Sophie Paris Indonesia

Starting from a home-based handbag manufacturing business, Sophie Paris has boomed into the Indonesia’s largest fashion company of its kind. With over one hundred thousand active members selling more than 50,000 products per day, the Sophie Paris mania has remained unmatched.

With its head office in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sophie Paris provides fashion accessories and beauty products in Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines and Vietnam. The company employs more than 550 staff and has more than 100,000 active members around the world

Contact Us: 12. Rue Moussa Ibnou Noussair,
Quartier Gauthier
20 000 Casablanca
+212 (0) 5224 78893 +212 (0) 5222 66074 (Fax) www.sophieparis.ma
Sophie Paris Morocco

2008 may seem an ordinary year for many people, but this was not the case for a lot of Moroccans.
Because this is where our story began: when Sophie Paris has Started its business in Morocco and has traced its history as well as that of many members.
Sophie Paris in morocco has continued to progress and evolve its community to attain 40,000 members.
Today, we have reached 8 outlets and a very respectable market share in the direct selling due to the dynamism & reactivity of 40 young people.
We have a great proud to work every day to give our members a sense of being part of our family, & we hope every day to make the experience of belonging to Sophie Paris memorable and unusual.

Contact Us: Alcar Building, No. 888
Epifanio de los Santos Avenue,
Mandaluyong City 1550
+63 2636 6603 +63 2636 6604 (Fax) www.sophieparis.com.ph
Sophie Paris Philippines

Sophie Paris Philippines team is deemed to embody attributes of a Filipino family, who is warm, funloving, compassionate, hospitable, and talented. Each characteristic has remarkable contributions that make up a valuable support in teamwork efforts and hard drive to fulfill common goals to build a stronger network pursued in and to over 100 Business Centers and a growing number of members nationwide.

Outstanding management and noticeable leadership make responsibilities bearable for its ninety (90) hardworking employees. This keeps the company going as it is aimed at its vision for success and to selflessly serve its members while still living out its core values both for personal excellence and for the business. Something noteworthy is the team’s ability to never miss out on a good hearty laugh, pay forward the importance of unity and instill good values of self-motivation for continuous change and growth.

Contact Us: 84B Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 8,
Dist 3, HCMC,
+84 8 3820 4777 +84 8 3820 0025 (Fax) www.sophieparis.vn
Sophie Paris Vietnam

Establish November 9th, 2010. 55 staffs
“Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion-Stephen Jay Gould”.
November 9th, 2013-Sophie Paris was established in Vietnam, as a milestone to remark the great expansion for higher success. Understanding the aesthetic of Vietnamese, Sophie Paris Vietnam offers to fashionista the French design with very affordable price. “Fashion is made to become unfashionable – Coco Chanel” and this is the reason why Sophie Paris Vietnam has decided to update the trend by launching new Catalog every 35 days.

Sophie Paris Vietnam is more than a fashion brand & more than a direct selling company, it's also a strong spirit with 5 core values as the backbone of the company: Sophie Family, Extreme Customer Centric, F.A.S.T, Teamwork is the rule, Be open minded & eager to learn.

There is no limit to growth, 19 business centers were opened from North to South within 3 months since launching the new business model.
Success is not the destination and Sophie Paris Vietnam will keep the momentum to higher step in our journey, because we believe that two flints can make a fire.

Contact Us: C-01, PJX-HM Shah Tower,
No.16A, Persiaran Barat,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
+60 1700 8148 88 +60 1300 8003 88 (Fax) www.sophieparis.com.my
Sophie Paris Malaysia

Here at SOPHIE PARIS, our team have continuously progressed and evolved rapidly together with the company within the span of just 1 year. We’re driven and motivated bunches who are focused to give our customers a fun-filling shopping experience.

This time around, SOPHIE MALAYSIA welcomes Fara Fauzana @ FAFAU, successful radio DJ at hot FM and a popular TV host to collaborate with us while she launches her brand new perfume, SOPHIE CHERIE by Fafau and a chic SOPHIE signature bag. The support that we’ve got from our fans and members have been tremendous and we can’t wait for more exciting adventures with her.

The SOPHIE team is high-spirited and never fails to lend a helping hand when needed. The hard work, dedication and determination from all the staffs here is what makes up one of the top MLM fashion company in Malaysia!

Careers With Us It is the people behind Sophie Paris that makes our company culture so young, dynamic and fun. Working as a team, we are believers of putting in passion into what we do. We are open minded and eager to learn and are not afraid of change. Benefit Work With Us As an employee centric company with a strong company culture we care for each other. Striving to be the most attractive company to work for in Indonesia, you can trust that our company benefits are attractive. Apart from the culture, we give you all what you would expect from a leading fashion company but much more.
Here is a brief sample of what we offer:
  • Encourage work life balance both with limited work hours, increased personal development, health and fitness. This is made true by encouraging all staff to stick to the fixed work hours 8.30am – 5pm.
  • Head office has Sports hall with Gym, Table Tennis and Badminton, Yoga, Aerobics and a Running Club. These facilities can be used free of charge by all staff before and after working hours, as well as during lunch break and for one hour per week during working hours.
  • Respect for individual religions (i.e. have our own mosque in Jakarta head office).
  • Flexible working hours in case of personal matter. Staff can finish his work at 3pm.
  • International, young and dynamic management.
  • Soft Skills Internal Trainings including goal setting, motivation, writing skills, language studies and public speaking.
  • Training Allowance for career development including overseas trainings for top management.
  • Incentive & Bonus Scheme with unique Top 5 KPI.
  • 13 Month salary for all staff (after one year of service).
  • Attendance Incentive.
  • Meal allowance.
  • Social Security.
  • Medical Insurance for in-patient for employee, spouse and max. 3 kids.
  • 100 % Medical claim for out-patient for employee, spouse and max. 3 kids.
  • Dental treatment claim for employee, spouse and max. 3 kids.
  • Sunglasses for employee, spouse and max. 3 kids.
  • Car Ownership program.
  • Allowance for all staff to go for team building activities such as karaoke and sports.
  • For more benefits and details contact us.
*These benefits are unique to Sophie Paris Indonesia. For other countries refer to their respective web pages. Join the Sophie Paris Family Sophie Paris is always on the look-out to extend our family with talented individuals. If you believe that you are matching our core values that is at the heart of our company culture see vacant position below or you can send us your CV with a cover letter to career@sophieparis.com.