The History of Sophie Paris
Year 1995
Few people know that Sophie Paris once started out as a home industry, with merely three tailors working in an attic of a house producing beautiful handbags, which ended up attracting people’s attention. As sales grew fast, Mr. Bruno Hasson started torecruit more employees, rented a building, and implemented a system of Direct Selling, which gives incentives to sellers to sell Sophie Martin products. Sophie Martin was subsequently marketed through a Multi Level Marketing system, and recruited members and Business Centers as a partner of the Company, in order to market their products to many places all over Indonesia.

Behind every challenge lies an opportunity. The protracted monetary crisis of 1998 surprisingly gave an opportunity, people who were not in robust financial situations started to turn away from branded purses and bags, because of their steep prices, to Sophie Martin bags, which were more affordable. The 1998 crisis also caused a lot of people to be laid off, so people started trying to find ways to earn extra income. Sophie Martin became the solution for it with its straightforward MLM system.

Ever since, Sophie Paris has become the top MLM company in Indonesia, helping to improve the welfare of people, making everything better again for them, and realizing the dreams of millions.
History Sophie Paris
Year 2002
In 2002 Sophie Paris expanded its business overseas by opening representative offices in Manila. Today there are more than 100 Sophie Paris Business Centers throughout the Philippines.
Year 2008
Implementation of the Sophie Paris branding strategy, where Sophie Martin became part of a larger brand called Sophie Paris, which incorporated a few brands under it. Each brand represents a characteristic of their respective target market.

Launching of the Sophie Paris Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, “Sophie’s Love for Women and Children”, with a series of programs dedicated to creating a brighter future for Indonesian women and children.

Opening of the Sophie Paris building, consisting of 7 floors and 2 basement floors, which has since become the Head Office and Training Center. It is open every day for training classes in order to improve the knowledge and potential of its members.

Establishment of a business branch in Casablanca, Morocco. .

Year 2009
Opening of Sophie Paris warehouse on 4 hectares of land, aimed at improving services and distribution routes across Indonesia.

Inauguration of the first flagship store in Plaza Semanggi and the “Sophie Goes to the Mall” program.
Year 2010
Sophie Paris continued to expand its wings across Asia. This time, it took place in Vietnam. In that year, Sophie Paris won first place for Women’s Most Favorite Purse Brand. This prestigious achievement also helped Sophie Paris win a number of other awards, such as the Top Brand Award, Women’s Brand Award, and Youth Brand Award.
Year 2011
Sophie Paris formed the Helena Foundation and learning center, whose social mission aims to provide basic education and life skills to orphaned youth so that they can have a productive and meaningful life, instead of living on the streets. That year, Sophie Paris took home again the Top Brand Award, Women’s Brand Award, and Youth Brand Award.
Year 2012
Sophie Paris opened a branch office in Malaysia and became the number one fashion MLM business in Malaysia, along with winning the Top Brand Award, Women’s Brand Award and Youth Brand Award for the third time. Sophie Paris also won the Most Recommended Brand Award, Marketing Award, Digital Marketing Award, and The Most Original Brand Award.
Year 2013
Sophie Paris launched its new vision of “Sophie Delivers Happiness”, which has been expanded into its 5 Core Values, created to support this new vision.

This certainly could not have been achieved without the help and support from members and Business Centers across Indonesia, their professionalism, teamwork, and the vision itself, that is dedicated to bring joy to all.
Sophie Paris has improved the welfare and wellbeing of people, and realized the dreams of millions.