Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business What does it take to develop a business with Sophie Paris?
The Sophie Paris Career Ladder
Sophie Paris Career Ladder Your initial level when you join Sophie Paris is the “President”.
To achieve maximum profit, there are 4 steps that you can follow : 4 M 1. Usage People see what we wear. Take advantage of this at the start of your business by wearing Sophie Paris Products. This will emphasize that you work with Sophie Paris.
"Have I worn a Sophie Paris product today?"
2. Selling Selling a Sophie Paris product is really easy, because our products are widely known in Indonesia. You can sell our products online, open a booth/stand, or participate in a bazaar in your neighborhood. One thing to remember when you’re selling our products is that the usage of our catalogs is considered mandatory wherever you go.
"Make sure wherever you go, Sophie Paris stays with you"
3. Recruiting Recruiting in the Sophie Paris business is also a must to those who want their business to become big and profitable. The larger your network or the more people you recruit, the bigger your chances are of getting a larger bonus. There’s always something to remember at every step you take, and that is to always ask people whether or not they’d like to join with you and Sophie Paris, don’t ask “Are you a member of Sophie Paris?” instead, ask “do you have a discount card yet?” thus making the person more eager to join you and Sophie Paris.
"Recruitment is like opening a new branch to your business, the more you recruit, the more likely it is that you’ll get more income from Sophie Paris"
4. Empowerment The last step for starting a new Sophie Paris business is to empower. If you don’t empower others, your business will eventually collapse or end in bankruptcy. To avoid that there are many things you can do, such as establishing a consistent communication with your downline by phone, text messaging, or even coming over to their house, bringing presents, asking them to come with you to an event at the Business Center or to partake in training. Remember, your downline is your investment in your future with Sophie Paris.
"Whether or not your downline is active in selling products can determine your chances of success at Sophie Paris. The success of your downline will bring about success to you as well. The bigger the bonus your network is getting means the bigger the bonus is for you as well"
Naik Peringkat
Tips for Success If you’d like to find success with Sophie Paris, follow these 5 easy steps :
  1. Attend and hold a Rendezvous Training (presentation)
    1. Attending a training and rendezvous (presentation) at a Business Centre or Head Office
    2. Holding a Sophie Paris Rendezvous (presentation) Sophie Paris
  2. Set your own personal target and a target for your downline.
  3. Make a work plan agenda
  4. Fashion coaching is a free service from Sophie Paris members for our buyers
  5. Maintain constant communication with your network
Keuntungan Member Sophie Paris This illustration is a simplified elaboration on the profit obtained from the first generation Gold Franchise and up to the third generation
Diamond Franchise For Diamond Franchise, you can get profit from up to the fourth generation. For more information regarding the Diamond Franchise, contact your Business Centre.
Executive Franchise For the Executive Franchise, you can get profit from up to the fifth generation. For further information regarding the Executive Franchise, contact your Business Centre

The more active participants you have in your network, the larger the bonus you will receive. For more information, contact your Business Centre
Manual Member This book is created specifically to facilitate the early stages of your business and to help you earn greater profit. It is filled with tips and knowledge from Sophie Paris members who have achieved their dreams before you. We recommend that you read all three of our guidebooks so that you may conduct your Sophie Paris Business in a much better way.    Download Member's Manual