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Our Vision

A Better Life Is Created Sophie’s Story

Sophie Paris is a fashion and beauty company that aims to change people’s lives with its direct-selling system. Since 1995, Sophie has been going side by side with many people and has witnessed so many creativities in people’s ways of running their business. What started as a home-based handbag manufacturing business by its French founder and entrepreneur Bruno Hasson is today a success story in countries beyond its headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia, with growing

numbers of staff, Members, partners, Business Centers, and product range. Sophie has become Asia’s leading fashion direct-selling company that provides training in leadership as well as in fashion and beauty because Member’s self-development is as important as the company’s growth. Sophie also provides its Members and customers a unique range of French-designed bags, wallets, watches, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, garments, and even healthy living product's

Our Mission

We believe in entrepreneurship. We believe that giving the possibility to everyone to own an independent and profitable business will help alleviate poverty and give an equal chance to all. In today’s world where consumer have more and more choice to purchase goods and services, we want to bring the human presence in the value chain. Buying a product or a service from someone you trust is the best option for both the seller and the buyer. The buyer enjoys a better attention and is treated as an individual, not as a simple “customer”. The seller has a chance to expand his network and learn how to perform better. We call our sellers “Member” and we train them

to become professional. We empower our Member to become financially independent by offering a unique business opportunity which requires no investment. We want to maximize the use of modern technology to grow our Members everywhere from big cities to remote areas. Digitalizing the value chain by giving our Members the best tools to perform is part of our strategy for growth. We build communities of entrepreneurs by opening all over the country Business Center and federate active Leaders. These committed entrepreneurs fully own their businesses. We provide our Business Centers and Leaders support and update on new technology innovation. We gather twice

a year to reward and celebrate achievement. We love to give our Business Centers and Leaders happiness as often as we can and especially during reward celebration. Our ultimate goal is to build a better future for everyone. In Indonesia we have 100.000 active Members. We want our community to become a movement for sustainable growth and entrepreneurship. Sophie Delivers Happiness.

Our Value

Our Story

Sophie Has Grown

Sophie has reached more than 500 Business Center around the world in Indonesia, The Philippines and Morocco. Sophie’s Members around the world are 2.8 million and keep growing. Headquartered in South Jakarta, Indonesia, more than 800 staff are committed in delivering happiness based on 5 Core Values. Sophie also sells more than 50.000 products per day and has sold more than 50 million bags in 2015!

Who is Behind Sophie


The love of Indonesia and fashion are what drove him to stay and establish Sophie Paris at the beginning. Then Bruno Hasson found another reason to love what he is doing, that is helping people changing their lives to be better by creating a direct-selling business system. Until now, Bruno ensures that Sophie family keeps going after their dreams and making them come true while doing everything with love.

Award & Recognitions

Award and Recognitions

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