Our Vision

Sophie Paris is an Online to Offline Social Shopping Platform offering exclusive French designed products and more. Our customers can be consumers and resellers at the same time. The power of buying direct gives our customers the best value offers. We give our resellers a life changing opportunity to become financially independent and part of a community of successful entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

We are Fashion Freaks

Holala C’est Paris!

For the last 25 years, we are looking at Paris fashion scene and we figure out how to bring those high level classy, elegant and fashionable style to the whole word. We know what fashion really means. Our Parisian style is designed thanks to our multicultural creative team. We thrive for every woman to have access to affordable yet stylish fashion.

We are Social Tech

OtoO is our Mantra

We believe that innovation and best in class technology is reshaping the economy. We are re-inventing the direct selling old mantra to a new, sleek and modern concept of Social Shopping instead. We keep in mind the power of social links and the advantage of getting recommendation from somebody you know and trust. We love simplicity when it goes to networking and benefits.

Our Online to Offline (OtoO) platform is a combination of:

  • A life changing digital tool to empower and support our resellers using latest technology and partnership with best solution providers.
  • A physical network: Thousands of Leaders with pick up service, Hundreds of Distributors and Training Centers operated by ourselves
  • We are Tribes

    We build communities

    We work closely with our communities on daily basis: we hold daily webinar and field training, we share best practices to empower them to become successful entrepreneurs and we celebrate success together. Their daily struggles are our struggles.

    We take our best leaders to travel together to the world and we have changed the life of millions of women worldwide. With the passion of our communities and the combined power of digital tools, we can conquer the world!

    Our Value

    Cerita Kami

    Perkembangan Sophie

    Sophie telah memiliki lebih dari 500 Business Center di seluruh Indonesia, Filipina, dan Maroko. Member Sophie di seluruh dunia berjumlah 2.8 juta dan terus bertambah. Berpusat di Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, lebih dari 800 staf berkomitmen untuk mengantarkan kebahagiaan sesuai 5 Core Values. Sophie menjual 50.000 produk per hari dan telah menjual lebih dari 50 juta tas di tahun 2015!

    Sosok di Balik Sophie


    Kecintaannya pada Indonesia dan fesyen adalah yang membuatnya bertahan dan mendirikan Sophie Paris. Lalu Bruno Hasson menemukan alasan lain untuk mencintai apa yang ia lakukan, yaitu membantu orang-orang dalam merubah hidup dengan sistem bisnis penjualan langsung. Sampai saat ini, Bruno meyakinkan bahwa Sophie Family akan terus berjalan menuju mimpi dan menjadikannya nyata sambil melakukannya dengan cinta.



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